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The first of our sites, The European Banking News Network was launched in September 2006. This was followed by The Asia Pacific Banking News Network in 2008, The Middle East Banking News Network in 2009, The Americas Banking News Network in 2010 and Managers of Wealth in 2011. In 2013 we will be launching Global-Bankers, African Bankers and Islamic Bankers.

There are a number of reasons why we are the World's PREMIER news monitoring service for the financial services industry:

* Information overload is a major problem that all of us face and one we help alleviate! We monitor the most comprehensive list of global financial news across all channels: press, online, broadcast and social. While our team of in house editors filter the white noise, so you receive just the coverage that’s relevant to those that manage wealth. We scour the web so you don't have to so that you will NEVER MISS ANY IMPORTANT NEWS!

* You get the COMPLETE PICTURE We provide you access to multiple view points on the same issues so that they can make strategic decisions based on World-Wide opinion rather than that of one single editor/ publisher.

* Researching the industry on an on-going basis is essential AND COSTLY! Our archives enables your research department to have a cost effective avenue to what their competitors, prospects and customers have been up to.

* We’re completely independent of any financial organization and are therefore 100% objective – no affiliate links, and no kickbacks for recommending products.

The sites cover the KEY NEWS in the following areas:

• Wealth & Asset Management news
• Compliance, Legal news & Tax news
• Banking Technology news
• Offshore news
• Hedge Fund news
• Alternative Investment news
• Islamic Finance news
• Executive Appointments

On the sites you will find the following features:


Comprehensive coverage of all Global financial news as it pertains to the KEY AREAS that we cover.


You will find profiles of the leading financial corporations in the market, together with in-depth studies of the key issues facing them today.


Fully search able for easy access. Whether you are searching for an individual, a company or a generic topic, you will find what you need in our archives.

Benefits of Subscribing

• Reduce Risk of Regulatory Failing…
• Save Time & Money…
• Improves Knowledge & Skills…
• Enhance Competence…

Vision and Mission

"The vision and Mission of the Media G8Way sites is to become the World’s 'LEADING NEWS MONITORING SERVICE' for the financial services industry by providing our members with useful, accurate, relevant, timely news, strategic analysis and business critical information on all issues taking place within the World's financial services sector which will have a positive effect on their performance which will, in turn, improve the bottom line results of the companies where they work."

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